Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson is a passionate technology professional with over 11 years of experience in the Managed Services IT space and a wide variety of industry-leading certifications. Mark’s extensive Managed IT experience and aptitude for quickly learning and adapting to new technologies has equipped him to offer valuable insight across a broad spectrum of business technology solutions.

Mark’s fascination with technology began at a young age when he learned to navigate DOS so that he could play games on his brother’s Tandy 386 computer. Over the subsequent years, Mark developed skills in photography, videography, and non-linear editing, and he eventually studied Television Production. He worked on the sound team at his church and developed himself in technical and non-technical leadership roles. Ultimately, Mark’s desire to be always learning, progressing, and developing his knowledge led him to a career in Information Technology.

As an IT Professional and consultant, Mark enjoys meeting with organizational leadership to understand their business, their team, their technology infrastructure, and their budget so that he can work closely with them to build solutions that leverage technology as a competitive advantage rather than a liability. His genuine openness and transparency allow him to quickly connect with clients to build lasting relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

One of Mark’s greatest assets is his ability to listen and empathize with his clients, enabling him to understand their perspective and develop a unique plan to accommodate their needs. Whether that means reducing IT spend without impacting productivity or reducing the technology footprint in the network closet by transitioning systems and services to the cloud, his commitment to integrity and proven results has earned him a reputation as a trusted advisor to his clients.

Mark is a devoted family man who prioritizes his role as a husband and father. He loves to spend time with his wife and three beautiful children hiking together, exploring new places, cooking new foods, and appreciating quiet evenings at home. His family is also actively involved in their local church, where they enjoy serving and contributing to the community.

In conclusion, Mark Johnson is a passionate, family-oriented, and highly skilled technology professional with a wealth of experience in the Managed Services IT space. His love for technology, combined with his dedication to his clients, has made him a sought-after advisor and solution builder in the industry.

Even the most daunting of tasks is made up of many small steps. The key to success is to begin somewhere. Life is full of beginnings, and none of them are easy, but if you never get started, you’ll never enjoy the fruit of discipline or the possibility of achievement.”

– Mark Johnson