Four Major Benefits of Having a Help Desk

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Benefits of a Help Desk

When your employees struggle with their technology, who do they turn to? Do you have anyone at your business who is, without a doubt, the go-to IT resource who can help them address simple issues like changing a password or fixing a problem with their workstation? There is a name for this kind of support: the help desk. Let’s discuss why your business needs one and why it might be in your best interest to outsource this responsibility.

Better Operations

Businesses often struggle with acquiring IT talent, and it shows every time one of their employees suffers from a technological problem. It doesn’t even have to be the employee’s fault, either; something as simple as a technical hiccup or a workstation not working as it should can prevent your team from being as effective as they can be. With an outsourced IT help desk, you can know that your business always has the expertise it needs to resolve any technical challenge that surfaces.

Predictable Fees

In the past, you might have seen online help desks that make their killing off of “by the hour” or “per contact” charges, where your bottom line would indirectly suffer if your employees accidentally spent too much time dallying with the help desk trying to figure out a particular issue. This would lead employees to simply not seek out help desk services, as they don’t want to get in trouble if your bill is higher one month. With an outsourced help desk from a managed service provider, you get a comprehensive help desk solution that is based on a monthly subscription rather than the previous models. If an employee knows that it is okay to work with the help desk as much as they need to, then their productivity will surely increase as a result.

Less Downtime

When an employee cannot figure out how to resolve an issue on their own, they might wind up wasting a lot of time while they try to figure out the solution. This is especially true if the employee is responsible for taking care of their own workstation. We do not recommend this approach to IT service and maintenance; not only does it increase the likelihood of an issue getting worse, but it also wastes time that would otherwise be saved if you just had a dedicated point of contact for support. An outsourced help desk can offer that dedicated point of contact.

Implement the Help Desk You Need Today

A help desk can go a long way toward helping your business achieve the level of operation and service it needs to compete with other local SMBs. When it comes to providing a top-notch experience to your clients, you need all hands on deck, and your business cannot provide this without having a dedicated team for support.

TWINTEL can take the pressure off your team and give them the help desk they need so they can go about their duties without fear of technology troubles getting in the way.

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