Tip of the Week: How to Protect Your Company from Ransomware

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Ransomware takes up a significant amount of our blog, and for good reason. It’s an incredibly scary threat to find yourself on the receiving end of, and modern businesses are, to be quite frank, often unprepared to handle it. We wanted to take today as an opportunity to discuss the negative effects you can expect from a ransomware attack—effects that will make you think twice about the current level of security on your infrastructure

Are You Monitoring Your Network and Its Safeguards?

Your network consists of several access points, all of which could be potential openings if they are appropriately exploited by an attacker. Ransomware is no different, but the rate at which a ransomware attack can spiral out of control is cause for concern. You need to ensure that your systems are adequately protected. This includes keeping Internet-connected applications up to date, as well as endpoints like servers, workstations, and even your employees’ personal devices. If you’re paying attention, you can address these issues before they become major problems (like a ransomware attack).

Are You Backing Up Your Data?

Data backup is crucial, especially because it’s your data (or your money) that attackers are after. Ransomware threatens your business by either cutting off access to your data and demanding a ransom, and possibly the complete and utter theft of it to be put for sale on the black market. Without your data, your business’ operations will grind to a halt—hence the importance of having a data backup readily available. If you can’t prevent a ransomware attack, the least you can do is be prepared for one. TWINTEL is happy to assist your business with any and all concerns related to backups.

Are you Training Your Team to Identify These Attacks?

Finally, your team must be trained to keep your business safe from threats like ransomware. Ransomware in particular likes to worm its way into your network through the use of phishing tactics, so remind your team that they play a pivotal role in protecting your organization, too. Remind them that they should not click on links or unexpected attachments, plug random devices into the network or an endpoint, and to keep security at top of mind.

TWINTEL will work with your business to ensure that your organization can stay productive while prioritizing security. To learn more, reach out to us at (888) 428-0599 or schedule a meeting.

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