Is It Time to Upgrade Your Sales Technology Capabilities?

Technology Makes Significant Improvements to Sales

Your sales funnel is particularly important to the success of your business, as you need to reliably get your goods and services in front of your prospective customers to make sales. How can technology aid you in your efforts? Let’s go over how the right technology can improve your sales funnel and help your team be more effective.

Technology Makes Significant Improvements to Sales

Your sales team will effectively touch many different parts of your business, so it stands to reason that your technology needs to connect them to those parts. Let’s look at how these technologies can help your sales processes.

Customer Relationship Management Software

A CRM is vital to keeping your sales team organized and accountable throughout their workday. It helps to provide your team with a system that helps them manage your customer relationships throughout the entire sales process. A CRM provides a comprehensive view of the entire sales process, and it can help to shape and inform your practices both now and in the future.

A CRM is but one part of a full-blown Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Professional Services Automation (PSA) software, and it can help you push ahead of your competition when used well. This software can help you build profiles for your customers and prospects that your salespeople can use when soliciting them to tailor their experiences accordingly.

Video Conferencing Tools

Communication tools are always going to be important for any sales team, and video conferencing in particular can make huge waves for your company. Considering that most video conferencing tools also have built-in VoIP capabilities and you have a great and, oftentimes, more convenient alternative to face-to-face meetings AND your traditional telephone system.

Prior to COVID-19 flipping everything on its head for businesses, video conferencing was being used in the sales process, but its use only grew with the advent of remote work, eventually cementing itself as a must-have solution in nearly all professional settings. For your sales team, it can make a big difference when showing off your goods and services, too.

Social Media Management

Businesses tend to use social media as a way to get themselves in front of a larger audience, but it’s still an emerging medium that many still have trouble cracking the code for. It’s become more known lately that social media is best used to better understand your customers or prospective clients and build a better relationship with them. This kind of direct engagement is far and away better than your typical direct selling strategies.

We recommend that you have a support team ready to go for your sales team to aid them in their efforts. This team can be hired in-house, or it can be outsourced, but in either case, you’ll want to ensure that your team has access to marketing material like videos, webinars, blogs, and other kinds of media that can be both valuable and useful to your targeted audience.

If you need to equip your business with better technology to aid in your sales efforts, Twintel can help. Schedule a meeting with us today or call 888-428-0599.

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