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Technology is undeniably important for the future success of your business, but one thing that is continuously overlooked is if the technology that you bring is actually right for your business. Today, we will look at some of the technology that businesses use that can actually have a negative effect on your business’ effectiveness.

The first thing that should be considered is how complex your current IT infrastructure is. If you can’t effectively manage your current IT infrastructure, it may not be prudent to invest in more technology. If you find technology that you can add that provides value and a solid ROI, it may be a good investment, but consulting a knowledgeable consultant to design a plan will be much more effective at building a useful IT profile for your business.

Next, comes cybersecurity (of course). We believe that today, the best way to go about it is as if there is a never-ending stream of would-be cyberthreats coming at your network, your users’ profiles, and through your online accounts. Investing time and effort in keeping these threats from becoming problems is important, and while it probably won’t make you any money, it can do a lot toward not costing you a lot.

Another consideration that has to be taken into account right from the jump is whether or not to host your own hardware or to use cloud-based tools. Hardware purchases can reach into the five figures and can be expensive and complicated to manage. Today, there is immense value in using cloud resources as you can get the processing, storage, and software that you need as-a-service.

Finally, one aspect of business that not all organizational leaders consider: mobility. Mobile computing can do a lot for your business, but it can also become a problem if it isn’t managed correctly. One way modern businesses are approaching mobile is through the use of productivity suites such as Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace. This provides you with the productivity and collaboration tools any business can use to improve efficiency and keep all files in one central place (with that place being the cloud). The more meetings being completed with remote teams, having solutions in place that makes this enhanced mobility possible is important.

We Can Help You Build Your Ideal Technology Infrastructure

You don’t have to approach your business’ IT alone. The IT experts at TWINTEL can provide the professional perspective that you need to run an efficient operation and avoid the pitfalls that can sometimes befall small businesses.

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