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Technology Tools

With business technology, your company can reap countless benefits, but at the same time, failing to implement the right tools—or worse, implementing the wrong tools altogether—can have devastating consequences. Today, we want to help you understand how you can make the best, most educated decisions regarding your business technology needs while avoiding investments in technology that won’t pay dividends.

To be fair, there is a lot that goes into business technology, but the general rule to practice is this: implement technology tools that can automate repetitive tasks or solutions that make operations more efficient. Let’s look at three ways you can do this.

The Cloud

Most businesses use the cloud in some way, whether hosting their email applications, productivity suites, or file storage. These uses are intuitive in that they save businesses money while also making work more efficient. They do a lot to help businesses control costs.

One particularly innovative use for the cloud is hosting software and hardware. Even small businesses can achieve this level of power, including technologies like the blockchain and artificial intelligence. You’ll be surprised just what you can scale in the cloud, even with a limited budget.

Training Solutions

Tools are only as effective as their users, which is why you want to offer training to your team members on how to make the most out of what you provide them. This is especially important if you are trying to convince your team that a tool is actually useful; sometimes people can get stuck in their ways and resist any new additions to their toolbox that they deem unnecessary.

Training helps to ensure that your team knows how to use tools, as well as understands the value they present. This training should not be one-off—it should be done regularly, and it should encompass network security as well to shore up one of the most often-attacked parts of any network infrastructure.

Mobile Technology

Smartphones are everywhere, but not all companies account for them. More often than not, if you can do it on a workstation, you can probably do it on a smartphone these days, too. Some examples are meetings, calendar management, and just about any and all correspondence. This goes for both internal and external audiences.

Before, businesses that wanted to leverage this technology might have had to provide the employee with the device, including a data plan and the technology installed to work effectively. Nowadays, though, solutions are available that can transform employee devices into business-grade mobile device solutions, secure and perfect for productivity. This is especially helpful if businesses also utilize communications solutions like VoIP to make a more mobile and accessible workforce.

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