Understanding Microsoft Services’ Price Hike

Microsoft Services

If you are a subscriber of Microsoft 365 or Office 365, you might find that your service plan will soon cost you a bit more. We just wanted to give you a warning in advance so that you’re not caught off guard, as well as to let you know we are here to help you adjust your plans if need be.

Microsoft’s Price Increase is Out of Our Hands

Whether we are the ones providing you with Microsoft’s services or you work with another provider, there is no denying that there will be an increase in the costs associated with Microsoft’s services. The reason has nothing to do with us; rather, it’s coming from Microsoft themselves, and not all businesses will be able to absorb the price. To help counter this, we want to help you make the most of the services you pay for. Let’s take a look at some of them!

How We Can Help You Get the Most Value from Microsoft’s Tools

We’re pretty familiar with the services offered by Microsoft, so trust us when we say that there are tons of tools in this toolbox that you’ll find helpful moving forward. Here are just a few of them:

Microsoft Teams

Teams is Microsoft’s dedicated collaboration platform, and it’s a pretty great one. It gives your team all kinds of ways to communicate and collaborate, from voice and video calls to instant messaging. You can even use it in collaboration with other Microsoft tools to share files and be more productive. Speaking of which…


The business version of OneDrive gives your organization all of the features of the free (or personal) version, but with so much more, including the ability to share documents on multiple devices and browsers. OneDrive provides users access to all the documents they need, provided they have the permissions to access them.


SharePoint is similar to OneDrive in that it is also a document-sharing tool, but it functions more like an intranet solution for your employees to document and share processes. Basically, SharePoint is just another means to be more productive.

Microsoft Bookings

Scheduling appointments can be difficult, especially with packed schedules. Well, Microsoft Bookings places the responsibility for this on the client by presenting them with a list of your available times. They can then book the time for themselves, making this much easier for you.

Azure Information Protection

AIP adds an additional layer of protection for your data security, something which is particularly helpful when out of the office and the safety of your network. Access permissions are also available through this tool, so you can adjust who has access to specific parts of your infrastructure.


Intune allows you to control data access on your business’ devices, including those owned by your employees. You can think of it like a type of mobile device management and a way to control the dangers of it.

Power Automate and Power BI Pro

Automation can empower your business to make better use of its data. Power Automate and Power BI Pro give you the power to connect processes without the need for complex coding skills, allowing you to fully leverage your data, organize it, and reveal key insights that can aid your organization moving forward.

We’ll Help You Make the Most of All Your Business’ Tools

Regardless of the price increase from Microsoft, we will always strive to help your business make the most out of the resources at its disposal. To learn more about how we can make this happen, reach out to Twintel at 888-428-0599 or schedule a meeting today.

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