Tip of the Week: Build Better Passwords

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Build Better Passwords

The password is the number one data protection strategy used in computing. It’s strange, however, how many times a weak password is the cause of data breaches and other situations that can hurt a business. In today’s blog, we go through some of the best password creation tips that will allow you to build better passwords and secure your individual and business data.

Passwords Should Be Complex

To make your passwords as secure as possible, making them as long and complex as you can always helps. Studies show that passwords over 12 characters are best. You will want to use a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Avoid common words (like “password”). One good tip is to put together three words that aren’t associated with each other, sprinkle in substitution symbols, and change the case so it is harder to guess.

They Shouldn’t Be Replicated

One of the biggest problems we see with password creation is that people will use the same password for multiple accounts. This is a big no-no, if one account gets compromised, all other accounts that have that same password become low-hanging fruit for hackers. One good practice is getting a reliable password manager to generate and store all account passwords. You only have to build one complex password to remember, the others will be protected by encryption.

Keep Passwords Current

The tried and true method of password-based account security suggests that you should regularly update passwords. The longer a password is part of an account, the more apt it is to be hacked. If you think there is even a slim chance that you are the unfortunate victim of a cyberattack, you will want to change your password immediately.

Get Familiar with Multi-Factor Authentication

Most accounts with password-based security now have the option to have multiple steps to the authentication of an account. This adds an extra layer of security to any password-secured account.

Follow these steps and you will put yourself in the best position possible to keep your accounts and data secure.

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