Managed Services Mean More Savings for Your Business

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Businesses that don’t leverage managed services for their technology infrastructure are leaving a lot of money on the table, but it’s not always easy to see until you break down what the solutions really do for you. In isolation, they might not seem valuable, but when combined, they save your business significant amounts of capital.

Proactive Management

Proactive management is perhaps the most important of the bunch, as an MSP can remotely monitor your systems to ensure that they don’t experience unplanned downtime. Ultimately, downtime is something that negatively impacts your operations and your profits, so minimizing it through preventative solutions is going to be crucial.

IT Consulting

IT consulting gives your business access to professionals who can help you make the various tools and processes used by your organization as effective and efficient as possible. You’ll make better decisions about your technology, from procurement to deployment to continued maintenance and management.

Help Desk

You might encounter issues that require immediate assistance, despite not being very big issues in and of themselves, like resetting passwords or computers experiencing minor technical hiccups. A help desk solution gives your team access to professionals who can help resolve their troubles. An MSP that provides 24/7/365 help desk support is crucial for any business that wants to maintain productivity.

Patch Management

Vulnerabilities that are left unpatched or utilizing unsupported software could leave your organization exposed to potential cyberattacks. You’ll want to have a system in place to address patches and updates, and managed services gives you a tool that can help you remotely manage and maintain your systems.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

You can protect your systems all you want, but if anything squeezes through the cracks, you’ll want to have a system in place to restore backups and minimize downtime and data loss. A BDR solution can maximize your odds to survive any data loss incident. BDR includes both on-site and cloud-based backup systems, allowing you to get back to work under any circumstances.

Vendor Management

You could spend time dealing with all your vendors, but any business owner knows how time-consuming this prospect can be. A managed service provider can be your single point of contact for all technology-related vendors you have, minimizing the time you spend in contact with them and increasing the time you can focus on your business.

On-Site Support

Your MSP can solve a lot of problems without visiting the office, but a good MSP will also offer on-site support from professional and knowledgeable technicians for issues that need to be resolved in-person.

Hardware Procurement and Support

Businesses that need to purchase new hardware can rely on the connections of a managed service provider to get the best deals on tools that solve their specific pain points.

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