Video Games Could Hold Some Value to Certain Businesses

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Video Games

Video gaming holds a special place in society, with its staggering annual revenue of over $260 billion making it a global entertainment powerhouse. Despite this, many consider it the ultimate time sink. Consequently, few regard video games and interactive media as having any practical application in the business world. Today, we aim to challenge this belief by outlining how video games can actually benefit your business.

Before we start, we completely understand that video games are primarily designed for leisure and may not seamlessly integrate into modern corporate settings. Nonetheless, considering the significant number of employees who are avid gamers, leveraging video gaming in the following four ways could potentially enhance your overall productivity strategy.

Team Building and Collaboration

Video games cover a broad spectrum of experiences, including team-based challenges. Many businesses face difficulties in fostering interaction among employees, especially when a substantial portion of the workforce operates remotely. Incorporating video games as team-building tools can help employees break the initial barriers hindering effective collaboration.

Employee Training and Development

Video games, at their core, are interactive tools designed to challenge and engage users. Most companies require interfaces or methods to train their employees on software usage and crucial cybersecurity practices, given the rising threats targeting end-users. While the workplace may not resemble the battlefield of “Halo,” employing video games for training and testing can offer several advantages. It provides a user-friendly and enjoyable approach to completing mandatory training, while simultaneously allowing businesses to monitor user progress. Gamifying cybersecurity training, with scores and leaderboards, can make it more engaging and competitive.

Innovation and Problem Solving

Video gaming often involve intricate problem-solving and puzzles, stimulating creative thinking and honing problem-solving skills. Having employees with strong problem-solving abilities can prove invaluable when dealing with the myriad challenges businesses encounter.

Stress Relief and Wellness

Lastly, integrating video games into your company can serve as an excellent stress relief and wellness initiative. Providing access to casual games and relaxation apps can significantly reduce workplace stress and contribute to overall employee well-being. Employees often find solace and enjoyment in gaming, making it a potent stress relief tool when offered at the end of a demanding work week or during breaks.

While video games may not seamlessly fit into the traditional office productivity paradigm, they are versatile tools that come with several potential benefits. If you’re interested in exploring how to incorporate recreational technology into your business without sacrificing productivity, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our experienced IT consultants.

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