Should You Move Your Business To The Cloud? Why, How, And When You Should Make The Move

In a cloud-driven world, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to migrate their data and operations to cloud solutions. And in recent years, cloud adoption increased by 90% among businesses surveyed by Venture Beat.

But what exactly is cloud computing and why implement it in your business?

What the Cloud Can Do For You

The real question is what can’t the cloud do for you? With an extensive range of tools right at your fingertips, cloud migration will allow you to access your data and applications from any device, anytime. This nifty feature means that your entire team can work remotely on the same platform and stay connected.

Apart from this, cloud-based services can:

  • Increase your organization’s scalability: cloud solutions allow you to allocate resources as needed and just pay for what you use. This helps reduce costs as your business grows.
  • Enhance agility: cloud solutions increase the speed of completing tasks and can be modified quickly and efficiently without a large investment in infrastructure or capital expenditures.
  • Reduce downtime: cloud-based applications are monitored 24/7 and can be quickly recovered if any system failure occurs.
  • Reduce costs: cloud services require no installation or purchased hardware.

What Are The Security Risks Involved?

No cloud migration is complete without a security plan. Cloud solutions are highly secure and cloud providers offer compliance services to ensure the safety of your data. 

To maximize cloud security, it is highly recommended to invest in extra protection for your cloud environment with a managed IT provider. A managed IT provider can monitor cloud applications and data, provide consistent updates, and respond quickly to any potential risks or threats. With 60% of small businesses shutting down 6 months after a data breach, cloud security should be taken seriously.

The power duo of an MSP and the cloud can ensure it is.

When Should You Make The Move To The Cloud?

While the cloud isn’t something to skip out on, it’s important to analyze your business needs and the cloud solutions that are suitable for you. With cloud migration comes greater control of cost and resources.

The key here is to ensure that migration makes sense for your business so you can maximize the cloud’s potential. Ask yourself the following questions to help you decide when cloud migration is the right move for your business:

  • Do I want to access my information from anywhere?
  • Is cloud security a priority?
  • Do I want to save money on hardware and maintenance costs?
  • Do I need my data to be highly available and recoverable in case of disaster?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, cloud migration may be a good idea for your business

Make The Move To The Cloud With Twintel

Whether you want cloud solutions for data security and backup or cloud services for increased performance, cloud migration is the way to go. At Twintel, our experts provide cloud solutions tailored to your needs, so the migration process can be easier and faster than ever.

We want you to get ahead of the game with Twintel’s cloud services. Get in touch with us today to learn more about cloud migration and how it can benefit your business!

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