Tip of the Week: 3 Ways You Can Save Money with Good IT Solutions

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If you are trying to add new tools to your infrastructure, you might quickly find that technology can be a serious challenge for your budget… that is, unless you make some smart investments and decisions about how you implement it. With good IT solutions we can help you make the best decisions for your business. In fact, here are three strategies you can try to optimize your technology spending.

Sometimes the Best Solution is the Practical Solution

We get it—you want to purchase the next big thing for your business to get ahead of the crowd. However, the cool new thing is not always the best thing for your business, especially if it’s expensive without any foreseeable return on your investment. If the software is too complicated or expensive for your company’s needs, or the hardware is so advanced that maintaining it becomes a challenge, then perhaps your resources are better invested in solutions more in line with your company’s capabilities.

Your business’ pain points can guide your technology investments, and can do so without breaking your budget. Cloud-based solutions like Software-as-a-Service are great investments that can scale according to your immediate needs, and hardware that suits the needs of your business can keep your budget in check (i.e. not buying super-powerful hardware just to browse the Internet or check email).

Bulk Purchasing Can Help

You need to have good IT solutions If your business has decided that it’s time to refresh its hardware, then you should consider purchasing in bulk rather than individually, as it can save you some capital in the process. Most technology vendors are willing to work with you to provide a price cut if you invest in multiple workstations at once, and the same can be said for Software-as-a-Service vendors—especially if you host your own software.

Consider Outsourcing IT Support

When managing your technology, you’ll want an IT administrator on your side, but no matter how crucial they are, they can be costly. If your business is like many other SMBs, then you can consider outsourcing this responsibility to a managed service provider who can either support or act as your IT administrator, thereby resulting in considerable cost savings for your organization. You’ll get the support you need to be successful with your business technology while also ensuring that you get proactive monitoring, maintenance, and management. You’ll also reap the benefits of data backup and disaster recovery solutions, vendor and patch management, communications tools, and so much more, all by working with an MSP.

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