Tip of the Week: Stop Apps from Draining Your Android’s Battery Life

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Let’s talk about the android’s battery life. It’s natural for your mobile device’s battery to drain over time, especially as it gets a bit on the older side, but there are also applications that are notorious for causing faster battery drainage than you might prefer. Today, we’re going to help you identify the problem apps on your devices and provide opportunities to address them.

What Android Apps Are Draining Your Battery?

The first thing you need to do is identify which apps are causing problems for your battery. You can do this fairly quickly by opening up the Settings app, which can be found through the gear-like icon on the notification pane by swiping down on it twice, or by opening the app itself through your app screen.

From here, you select Battery and Device Care, or something similar, depending on your version of Android. Then select Battery. You’ll see all kinds of neat information about your battery usage, including how much it has been used since the last full charge and the applications that use the most battery life. You’ll see more information if you tap the View Details button.

So, there’s your list of problem apps, but what do you do about it?

Close or Force Stop Your Problematic Apps

If you see an app that has its battery usage percentage in the double-digits, or higher than you might prefer, there might be a couple of reasons why. Perhaps the app needs an update and is currently not running as effectively as it could. Other times it might not be optimized properly. From your battery usage screen, you can tap the apps in question for options to close them or force-stop them.                                                                                                        

Of course, apps that routinely use up immense portions of your battery should probably be investigated further, preferably by an IT specialist who can help you determine if there is an operational or even a security-related risk to it.

Still Not Satisfied with Your Battery Life?

If your Android’s battery life is just so short that you cannot really get much value out of using it anymore, then perhaps you’d be better off replacing it with a better device. TWINTEL can help you make this decision and make the most informed purchase possible. To learn more give TWINTEL a call at (888) 428-0599 or schedule a meeting today

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