Gmail and Google Calendar Becoming More Secure by Adding Client-Side Encryption

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Have you ever considered the importance of client-side encryption for your Gmail and Google Calendar? If you implement it, you can create meetings and send or receive emails that have been encrypted before they are sent to Google’s servers. Organizations using Google Workspace Enterprise Plus, Education Standard, and Education Plus can expect this client-side encryption tool, but personal users will be left in the dust.

What is Client-Side Encryption?

Client-side encryption involves encrypting data within the user’s browser before it is shared or stored in the Google cloud. The decryption keys are created by a third-party management service, meaning that businesses can keep access control to their data. Even if Google is hosting the information, they cannot access it under normal circumstances. Only the organization which stores that information can, thus meaning that the only one who has access to the decryption key is the business or organization.

Why is Encryption Important?

Businesses that want control over data created by their team will want encryption in place so that these assets are safe when shared over the Internet. Client-side encryption remains crucial for both, only it does so without any additional expenses that you might come to expect. Client-side encryption for Gmail and the other Google Workspace applications allows you to better protect your data, and you’ll find these assets less susceptible to theft and decryption.

Is Client-Side Encryption a New Concept?

While this is certainly new for Google Workspace apps, client-side encryption has been a remarkably important asset for decades. Google Workspace essentially makes client-side encryption much more accessible through this new feature, and it can be set up on the server level by any users with administrator privileges. If you would like a complete rundown of what CSE options are available for your business, you can read Google’s page for more information.

Is your business one of many that relies on Google Workspace and Gmail? If so, you’ll be able to set up client-side encryption for a secure and reliable way to access your productivity applications. To learn more and for assistance with anything technology-related, Call TWINTEL at (888) 428-0599 or schedule a meeting today.

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